A web site devoted to applying the Divine Wind, or Word of God, to worldwide economic and financial problems now enslaving and crushing humanity.

"And there went forth a wind from the Lord…”  Numbers 11:31

Thus says the Lord; Behold, I will raise up against Babylon and against … those who rise up against me, a destroying wind…”  Jeremiah 61:1

For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind…”   Hosea 8:7a





Today winds of justice increasingly swirl through the global community as suffering people everywhere recognize that centuries of oppression by tyrannical world systems need not continue. As these growing winds of justice impact society they sweep away age-old political, social, and economic institutions and systems, replacing them with revolution, anarchy, chaos and eventual disintegration of society.  Few nations escape this destruction as wrenching poverty debilitates large numbers of their people, war and revolution attack their basic institutions, and social and familial breakdown rip through their social order.

What we fail as yet to understand is that these problems are winds, or visitations from God.  Before a millennial world of righteousness and justice can be fully born, the old one of injustice and oppression must end.  Old orders not fit for Christ’s kingdom must die as new ones ordained by God arise.  That’s why we find worldwide shaking and disintegration of those human institutions and structures comprising the old order; accompanied by miraculous advances, especially in technology and medicine, that mark  the beginnings of a new order.

Because grievous, massive sin continues today, the earth and its peoples suffer terrible consequences.  As the end of the Age of Grace approaches and the Kingdom Age dawns, Jehovah now demands--as we pray so often--that His will now be done on earth as it is in heaven.  The winds of heaven blow.  The time for justice is here.  God will not pass by us again!

The phrase “Wind from the Lord” is used by Holy Scripture to symbolize the force of God’s Spirit bringing great, even revolutionary change to society.  From the wind pushing back Red Sea waters so the Children of Israel could escape Egyptian bondage, to the wind ordered by the prophet Ezekiel to breathe life into the corpses of his people, to the rushing mighty wind bringing Holy Spirit anointing to the apostles at Pentecost, these “winds” of Scripture transfer the will and power of God to the human community. 

Please join us as we investigate various economic and financial issues in the light of winds of Scripture.  Perhaps you won’t agree with everything we say, but we hope you will be awakened to the need for people of faith to join God by taking up the crusade against worldwide poverty, injustice and oppression.  In the words of Sojourner’s Jim Wallis, our job is to change the way the wind blows.